About Us

Amish Furniture Haus opened for business on June 15, 2004 in the West End neighborhood of Duluth, Minnesota.

The idea of starting this business was formed over several years of prayer, contemplation and experience.

In 1999, Tim and Shelby went shopping in Madison, Wisconsin for a bedroom set with Tim’s parents.  Tim grew up in southern Wisconsin and was aware of the Amish and their reputation of quality workmanship and modest cost of production. Upon entering an Amish retailers’ store a distinct difference was noticed in the quality and pricing. They flipped over a nightstand noticing the solid wood end grain and that sealed the deal.  From then on it would be Amish made furniture for their house.   Tim’s mom and dad delivered that set to their home in the Duluth area several weeks later.

Five years passed by with a broadening array of work experience preparing Tim and Shelby for the journey into self employment.

The original store was very small but it did give them a solid footing in which to build upon.  In 2005, they purchased the property that was to become their current location.  Some thought the idea was a little crazy, venturing outside the city limits, but they trusted the vision of what God had laid out along the way.  In September 2006, they opened the doors to their current location and immediately experienced a near doubling of their sales.  God is faithful!  The 12,000 square foot building soon proved to be too small.  So in 2008, they expanded the building to nearly 24,000 square feet. They expanded once again in 2016 with completion in 2017, adding much needed warehousing to increase efficiency and build their in-stock inventory.

Our prices typically run much lower than big box retailers on similar items. We run a lean business model with thinner profit margins than your typical furniture store. That translates into an extremely competitive pricing structure.

We at Amish Furniture Haus look forward to working with you soon.

Have any questions feel free to contact us.