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Amish furniture Haus works directly with over 100 Amish family run businesses and a Wisconsin made sofa manufacturer.  We buy our products directly from the shops of the Ohio and Indiana Amish based on quality and value.  Our furniture is generally purchased unfinished and trucked to an Amish finish shop in Indiana.  This gives us better control over the finish quality and an efficient way to assemble semi loads heading north to our store.  

We have a large inventory of in stock items and offer thousands of catalog items beyond our web site to work from.


There is a difference.   Most people associate Amish products with exceptional quality.  This generally is true but not always.  Some products associated with the Amish such as so called energy saving heating devices, Rv's,  polishes,  food,  furniture  etc. have little to do with the Amish but are used in their product marketing to give the impression they are setting the standard.  They oftentimes make up part of the work force but have little to do with the quality of the product.  Also retailers who do source from the Amish can spec out any grade of product they desire. 

How do we do it?

Each for our builders is hand selected along with our finisher, trucking service and delivery services.   We've learned some things over the years  and although we're not perfect we strive to offer exceptional quality and value.  Each customer is important to us so we strive to meet each individuals expectations.   


You will notice that we don't run sales.  This is based in the notion that sales are generally used as a gimmick to create sense of urgency to buy now.  These techniques undoubtedly work although we've chosen a different route.  Upon comparison Amish Furniture Haus  prices will generally run much lower than big box retailers' prices on comparable items.  Even their sale prices will usually be higher than our every day prices.  So do your research.  Plus we specialize in Amish made furniture.  Our products are made to order by small and mid sized builders rather than in  factory shops done with pre-finish components or bulk runs with limited options.  Simply put, we operate a lean business with a thinner profit margin than your typical furniture store which translates into more competitive pricing.

Big options and selection

Sourcing from over 100 shops gives us a vast array of product options, from types of furniture to wood species, stain and paint choices, hardware, custom sizing and detail choices.

See you soon,

Tim and Shelby!